In Reason We Trust


Humanist Happy Hour @ The Bridge Lounge
Sep 7 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Happy Hour is an informal gathering where we can get together and chat while enjoying good food and fine libations. No set topics or philosophical challenges, just a way to connect and get to know one another!

Build-A-Box Party! @ Henson Residence
Sep 9 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

We will be building and compiling the first 28 boxes. Admission is just a few items from our needful things list.

Feel free to bring your favorite beverage. Let’s get these boxes ready for delivery to the Hospital.

Ethics for the New Millennium Study Circle @ Soldotna Library
Sep 13 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

A study circle is simply a gathering of friends who are interested in learning more about a
topic and how it can be applied in their lives. You do not have to change your life and you
do not have to commit to taking any major action. However, most people find that their
study does lead to personal, internal change and invigorates them to engage in some level
of action.

Ethics for the New Millennium is addressed to a general audience. It presents a moral
framework based on universal rather than religious principles. It rests on the observation
that those whose conduct is ethically positive are happier and more satisfied and the belief
that much of the unhappiness we humans endure is actually of our own making. Its
ultimate goal is happiness for every individual, irrespective of religious belief.

The first study circle will be a warm-up session. This will be a time to get to know each other, get grounded in our own ethics, and set a tone and intention for our time together. Attending this first meeting does not commit you to the entire session. Just come check it out and if you feel you would like to continue then the book will be provided to you.


Enhancing our understanding of ethics and applying this understanding to our
lives and personal growth using Ethics for the New Millennium as a study text.

Getting to know each other better and increasing our sense of connectedness as
members of our community, of humanity, and of the world.

Better integrating positive ethical conduct into our own lives and thus, by
example and influence, spreading the ethical revolution needed for a happier

Assignment for First Meeting:

Our first meeting will be a chance to get to know each other and begin our discussion about the topic of ethics. Prior to our meeting, please reflect on the following and come prepared to share:

As I ponder the term “ethics,” what does it mean to me and how
have I developed and changed my personal ethics over time?

At this point in my life, what are some ethical issues/dilemmas
I personally face?

Bring a newspaper, web or magazine article that addresses a
community/world ethical issue that is of concern to you.

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